Lifestyle Management and Personal
Assistance, at Your Service.

The Perfect Pairing

The VLK Architects philosophy focuses on the same Go Go Me tenets, with a passion for people, service, and solutions. The VLK and Go Go Me partnership is far from the conventional; it is built with your work-life balance in mind – giving you back the gift of time.

With a bespoke style of service that only comes with membership, we offer personal assistance on your terms—combining the best of what Go Go Me has to offer and meeting 100% of your needs. Much like VLK’s people-focused design process, Go Go Me’s corporate concierge solutions are designed to cater to all your todays and tomorrows.

How it works. Our lifestyle concierge is a personal assistance service designed to help you balance your work-life schedules. Our services support you in all areas required to manage your lifestyles, which will give you the time back to spend on the things they enjoy.

The value. By providing corporate concierge solutions to employees, companies are not only providing a valuable tool for employee satisfaction and retention, but they are also alleviating the time burden that personal tasks place on the company’s resources.

Professional service. We strive to reduce stress levels, providing peace of mind by handling personal tasks professionally and efficiently. As a result, employees have an increased focus on their work during working hours and more quality time to spend on the things they enjoy most; it’s a win-win for everyone.

Come experience the Go Go Me difference and let us take care of all the details, as your corporate concierge partner. With Go Go Me, you have charted a path to de-stressing every corner of your life. Because…

Now you have the luxury of time. Go Go Me, today.

Welcome to Your VLK Concierge Membership
Simply complete the concierge request form below with your contact information and get GO’ing! or Call: 817-859-8249 to submit your request. Someone will contact you within 24 hours.