What is Go Go Me? On-demand personal assistance and lifestyle management with a rolodex of everything you need when it comes to checking off your to-do list.

Does a Go Go Me membership require a long-term commitment?
Memberships are managed month-to-month with a 45-day cancellation policy with written notice.

Can I share my Go Go Me membership with friends and family?
YES! What is better than the gift of time? Members can share hours with friends and family with the understanding of our booking policies and fees.

What are the most common requests? Errand running, vehicle services, waiting services, pet services, vendor management, shopping/returns and special event coordination. 

What about privacy and security? All Go Go Me Concierges are insured and bonded and have completed Go U for professional concierge training and development specifically to understand the importance of confidentiality.

Do you offer services after hours or holidays?
Yes, we are happy to schedule with proper notice and for a premium rate based on availability.



Go Go Me Agency

3000 S. Hulen
Suite 124-329
Fort Worth, TX 76109

Phone: (817) 859-8249