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Go Go Me - Fort Worth Concierge - Sharon – Founder of Go Home

Sharon – Founder

Sharon was the Founder of the Go Home division of Go Go Me Agency. She meticulously curated a GO Home team of experts. She brought years of expertise and brilliant solutions to all things house management. From buying, selling a property, the logistics of every step in between and the 5 star delivery of Client satisfaction, she did it all. Project Management at its finest is her legacy.

Go Go Me - Fort Worth Concierge - Go Pro - Christinna Oldham - Owner / Partner RC Designs

Christinna – Owner / Partner RC Designs

Go Go Me - Fort Worth Concierge - Go Pro - Rachel – Owner / Partner RC Designs

Rachel – Owner / Partner RC Designs

Go Go Me - Paula – Fort Worth Concierge - GO Home Manager

Paula – GO Home Manager

GO Home Services

Go Home offers 5 star client engagement with our own in house design team. RC Designs focuses on creative design solutions, project delivery and innovated services to address functionality, aesthetics, and client visions.

  • RC Designs – in-house Go Home design team
  • Interior Design & General Contracting
  • Estate Management / Domestic staffing
  • Pre-Move
    • Pre-move organization and “de-clutter”
    • Possesion inventory
    • Packing
    • Arranging movers
    • Mail collection
    • Create move binder
  • Move
    • Moving project management
    • Nanny and sitter services
    • Vehicle transportation
    • Organize storage unit
    • Pet sitting and care
  • Post-Move
    • Household management
    • Technology setup
    • Personal shopping
    • Vendor waiting services
    • Maintain personal office
    • Chef and catering services
  • executive housekeepers / butler services / maid services
  • real estate services / staging services
  • architect & home construction & remodel services
  • home office setup
  • fleet management
  • pick-up & drop off services
  • surgery recovery services
  • global travel coordination

GO Home Form

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