Full service lifestyle management and personal assistance, at your service.
Now you have the luxury of time.


You need to be in two places at once. Only you know how to look after the exact details. Peace of mind seems impossible. Work-life balance is not even an option. Think again. Bespoke personal assistance at a moment’s notice is well within reach. Privacy and trusted support are guaranteed. You can be one step ahead. Weekends and evenings are now a reality. And, how is this possible? Through the members-only benefits of Go Go Me, you can be you again. Imagine being unshackled from minding a calendar. Consider a life of saying “Yes!” to family and friends. Make things happen without looking at a to-do list. With Go Go Me’s concierge agency solutions, you have charted a path to de-stressing every corner of your life.


Bespoke membership offerings. Exacting service. A dedication to your needs. Your requests cared for by the best. Whether you need coordination of planning a vacation to exotic places with 5 star services or you require general, everyday personal assistance, our concierge network covers the it all … and then some.
It’s exclusivity at its best. We invite you to see what each membership enrollment option has to offer. No matter what your lifestyle requires, Go Go Me makes your priority our priority.


Is your lifestyle always on the go? Do you have that overflowing to-do list? The demanding calendar? Breakaway from the daily responsibilities that hold you captive – creating strife rather than stride. Our services answer that call, no matter how complicated and onerous your request. The Go Go Me concierge network has someone at the ready, the perfect lifestyle match from full-service household management solutions to mobile beauty and event planning services. Let us handle the logistics and specifics, so you can bask in the sublimity of exclusivity and peace of mind.



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