How this Happened!

After 20 years as a personal assistant and estate manager to ultra-high-net-worth, high-profile, and celebrity clientele, I found myself constantly being asked to share my priceless contacts. “Do you know someone who can…?” was the question most often asked. After invariably answering in the affirmative, this was quickly followed by, “You know somebody for everything!” It simply made sense to turn this steady stream of referral requests into a service agency representing other experienced career personal assistants and professionals. And so an idea was born.

I decided to put these great connections into action, intertwining both lifestyle management and personal assistance services into a seamless mix. Everyone I knew was busy. Every one of them could use an assistant from time to time. From getting their errands run to having their to-do lists completed, to not having to deal with every single little thing that swallows up a day, the knowledge that a literal second set of hands is taking care of business on their behalf could become a treasured commodity.

But treasured though they may be, I did not want the services I offered to be mere commodities. Far from it. My take on corporate concierge services (as I came to discover they were called) would be an extension of my own style, the “Rendee way of doing things” if you please. The whole notion of having an added benefit that companies could offer or give to their most deserving employees sounded like something brilliant. After all, I knew I worked 24/7, and to be able to accomplish the things in my life that there was never time for would have been the perfect benefit for me. And so the first division of what came to be called Go Go Me was formed – corporate concierge services.

Soon, however, the biggest part of Go Go Me’s business came from mobile beauty services. It quickly became evident that we needed teams dedicated to these services – from weddings and other big events to everyday beauty needs such as hair, makeup, wardrobe help, airbrush tans, nails, etc. (whew). So we formed a new division called GO Beauty. But we didn’t stop there. We now have boutique divisions operating in DFW, Los Angeles and Nashville – GO You (the personal assistant / errand running teams), GO Beauty, GO Nerd (creative technology), GO Events and GO Home. Go Go Me really is on the go!

I would remiss if I didn’t thank a few people who have been vital in making Go Go Me a reality. First is my longtime friend and now business partner, Antonio “Tony” Brazil. Tony also owns Karma Ink Agency, a web design firm in Dallas. He has been integral in helping Go Go Me establish an online presence and has been a true friend when I needed him most.

I also need to thank my two lifelong best friends, Jen and Jim Molinets, who put their money where my heart was and jump started Go Go Me. Thanks to all my friends and family who have been nothing but supportive these past few years.

To my kiddo who puts up with a lot from a crazy entrepreneur of a mom and my best friend and husband, Karl Hahnfeld for ALL of his late night career coaching and support thank you, thank you, thank you – I love you.

For those who do not yet know me on a personal level, I would like to say that each day I strive to be my best. It is important to me that when I say I will do something, I do it and do it well. I have learned most of my defining life lessons from the women who have surrounded me. I would like to say thanks and give great credit to all of those women, as they have made me who I am today. My family and my friends are the most important part of my life – my treasures. I always try and find the humor in situations or at least look at things in a positive way. Perspective is everything; I know this now. I continue to align myself with those of a like mind and that is important. The Go Go Me teammates I have are cut from the same cloth. This is what we bring to you.

We want to simplify your life, give you back precious time, and do it with a smile. Join us, and you’ll soon be smiling, too!

With sincere gratitude and hope,


Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities have crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day. You shall begin it serenely and too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense.