Ask a Go Go

  1. What is a personal concierge service?
    You know those days when you just can’t get it ALL done and there’s not enough hands? We’re the hands and so much more. In addition to the errand running and general personal assistance services we offer specialties that help manage your entire life, including GO Home, GO You, GO Nerd, GO Beauty and GO Events.
  2. How much do services cost?
    To receive Go Services, we request you be a Member of Go Go Me Agency’s VIP Client Roster. GO Services rates for GO You (personal assistant duties) are typically billed at an hourly rate starting with a prepaid, 3-hour minimum. Each and every booking is customized to meet your specific needs. Together, during the Intake Process, we will discuss the scope of the assignment and assign the appropriate bill rate for the tailored service provided and budget.GO Vendor Services which are provided by Preferred GO Vendors are billed at different rates and include a booking fee. For example: Say you need an Event Planner. Well, we have plenty, and some charge less and some charge more. It just depends on what level of service you require. We add our booking fee to that rate and that’s how our agency operates.Membership is $165.00 per month and equal to our 3 hour minimum policy should you not be a Member. Standard Go rates start at $55.00 per hour with a 3 hour minimum. Member rates are billed at $45.00 per hour. Membership has it’s privileges. Members can call / text / email requests during normal business hours for bookings at a discounted rate. VVIP Members can call / text / email at any time for on demand services.
  3. Do you have a Permanent Placement Program
    Absolutely. We have a permanent placement program that allows you to find (and keep) the perfect personal assistant for your lifestyle, dedicated exclusively to you. We offer part-time and full-time placements. Our Go Go’s are seasoned career personal assistants. They are educated and certified in personal assistance and household management skillsets in addition to their own working knowledge.
  4. Can I get GO assistance 24/7?
    Yes. We have Go Go’s available and on demand 24/7. This includes nights, weekends, early mornings, holidays etc. Additional fees apply, of course.
  5. What ALL will a Go Go do for me?
    As long as your request is ethical and moral, a Go Go will do whatever is necessary to meet and exceed your expectation of the requested task. We’ve got your back.
  6. What if I need something last minute – something special – will a Go Go make a purchase out of pocket and get reimbursed?
    Not at this time. If any special expense is to be incurred, we require a credit card on file or a form of payment available to the Go Go prior making the purchase. Third party expenses are always the Client’s responsibility.
  7. How do I pay?
    During the Intake Process we create a Client Profile for you that includes your preferred credit card information. Retainer scenarios are also available. We have gift cards for GO Hours as well.
  8. What if I need to cancel?
    GO time is prepaid in estimated increments. Since the service is prepaid, should you need to cancel, you will have a credit in your account to book future GO services.
  9. What’s the difference between traditional concierge agencies and Go Go Me?
    Go Go Me is a global mobile concierge company. We can make anything happen, anytime, anywhere. Every Go Go is a career Personal Assistant. We require all Go Go’s to have a minimum of 5 years supporting high-net-worth and high-profile clients before they can apply to be a Go Go. Go Pro’s have a minimum of 10-years experience. There is also a certification and training process that all Go Go’s complete called GO U – our internal university on all things lifestyle management. You will never have to worry that you will end up with anything less than ultra-professional assistants.
  10. I don’t see the service I need listed, can you still help?
    Trust us, we do it all. Just ask.
  11. Do you charge for mileage and travel time?
    Yes. The first 25 miles are complimentary, the rest are charged at .60 per mile.