Who Loves Go Go Me

To use Go Go Me is to love Go Go Me. Here are a few notes proving our clients’ devotion.

LeAnn Rimes-Cibrian – Recording Artist, Actress, & Writer
I have known Rendee all of my life. She has many talents and has a way of just “making things happen.” She specializes in making household-, personal- and corporate-level assistance a cohesive snap. Rendee established long-lasting rapport with those who interact with me (and now her) at all levels of my life. Everyone who meets her loves her. She has tremendous enthusiasm and passion and she really enjoys being a support in every facet. I think there is no better feeling than knowing you can truly count on someone and I have always been able to count on Rendee. She is instrumental in taking the lead on things that just need to get done and crossed off the list.

Her approach with her clients is what I call a “custom fit.” Everyone’s needs are unique and she can meet them and exceed them. Not only does she go the extra mile, she’s a lifesaver, a confidant, a business ally and, most importantly, an irreplaceable friend to have!

I recommend her for any endeavor. Anyone would be lucky to have her on his or her team.


Tara Campbell
Go Cowtown is like having a trusted friend you can call on at a moments notice. No matter the task, Rendee is present and helpful. Each request receiving her full attention. Rendee’s wealth of knowledge and resources have proven invaluable to me. She is able to quickly and efficiently fulfill just about any request. Go Cowtown has assisted me in event planning, fulfilling household staffing needs, scheduling personal services, and countless other requests. Go Cowtown can do it all! Fort Worth is fortunate to have a resource such as Rendee. And, I sincerely look forward to working with her again in the future.

Richard Hall – President, Double H. International Holdings, Inc.
Rendee Bullard and the Go Cowtown team have been indispensable in my corporate and personal life. I’ve relied on Rendee and her team to organize corporate meetings and events, as well as securing VIP access to exclusive entertainment events for myself and my family. There’s no task too big, or challenge too daunting that Rendee and the Go Cowtown team have not accomplished with stellar results. I highly recommend Rendee and the Go Cowtown team for all of your concierge and lifestyle management needs.

Dee Evans – ABR, Ebby Holliday
Rendee Bullard and gocowtown are the professionals you are looking for. Once given a job or commitment, you can relax and know it is done above and beyond what you had hoped and asked for. Their attention to detail is unsurpassed. There is no need for 2nd guessing yourself about what company to use – there is none better!!!!!!!.

Michelle M.
When Ren Bullard from Go Cowtown says she is happy to do any job for you, big or small, she means it. Bring your garbage cans in? Check on your house while you are out of town? Get you last minute tickets to a Cowboys game? Connect you with a personal shopper to help you find the perfect outfit for an event? No problem. The beauty is that she views tasks like bringing in garbage cans as importantly as finding hard to get tickets. Each is done with efficiency, professionalism and gratitude that you are a client of Go Cowtown.

Ren manages our second home for us when we are not there. I take great comfort in knowing I have no need to worry when I am not there for months at a time. I have the fullest confidence that she is checking on the property and taking care of any issues that come up, big or small.

My favorite example of Ren’s Go Cowtown service is when my oven quit working the afternoon before I was expecting 20 guests for Thanksgiving. I called several appliance centers on my own to try and purchase a new oven. All of them were closing shortly and most definitely could not deliver and install an oven that evening. I called Ren and our new oven was installed by 7:00 that evening. She literally saved Thanksgiving for our family and guests that year!

Kevin Lofgren – Founder and CEO, Farstar
Go Go Me and Rendee have been our go-to source for all things assistance-related since 2008. Not only are they highly adept across many, many service types, they are highly committed to success. Don’t like the hotel? Fixed within 10 minutes. (True story, by the way). Decide to go to another city last minute before coming home? New itinerary hits your inbox within minutes with detailed instructions. Need to find something cool to do with your employees that isn’t the normal activity? Mind-bending ideas abound. The time I save by not having to research and/or coordinate whatever it is provides an incredible ROI for Farstar. We understand that our time is literally money, and every efficiency I can gain using Go Go Me hugely offsets the cost of the services themselves. But ultimately, it is that commitment I mentioned earlier that packs the punch. In every situation, at the end of it all, stood success. That’s why I recommend Rendee and Go Go Me to anyone and everyone.

American McGee – CEO, Spicy Horse Games
I have known Rendee Bullard for over twenty years, having first worked with her in the video gaming industry. Rendee has always used her personal assistance skills to meet and exceed the expectations of her high-profile, celebrity clients; Presidents/CEOs of top-rated companies; and others where she worked behind the scenes to help make them successful. Working with Rendee over the years, I can easily attest to her strengths:

Client Focus: Rendee is extremely client-focused and strives to always understand her clients’ needs and then executes flawlessly to meet those needs. She constantly asks herself if she has done everything to meet and exceed her clients’ needs. She truly cares about her clients and forms strong business relationships that are instrumental in guaranteeing client satisfaction.

Dedication and strong work ethic: In a time when employees often have a what’s-in-it-for-me attitude, Rendee is one of those people who asks, “How can I serve?” and “What is best for the client?” In all of the time I have known Rendee, she has exhibited deep dedication to her work and a very strong work ethic. She is very professional, never brings personal issues into the workplace and is positive, upbeat and focused on serving others and performing to her highest level.

Multi-talented: Rendee has excellent personal-assistance skills and has always provided second-to-none support in the personal service industry. She is highly skilled in house management, meeting/event planning, calendar and travel coordination. Her client confidentiality skills are impeccable.

Organization and project management skills: Organization and project management are two of Rendee’s strongest skills. She is able to translate a company’s/client’s mission and goals into a strategic plan with actionable steps. She is a very effective project manager, having managed many projects simultaneously for her demanding clients. Her follow-up skills are tremendously beneficial to her clients, resulting in increased sales/loyalty and client satisfaction.

Team work and collaboration: Rendee is a strong collaborator and team player by nature. She forms strong relationships, invites others to offer ideas, collaborates with others on finding and providing the best solutions possible. I can honestly say that in the 20 years I have known her, I cannot remember Rendee ever not being able to deliver on the projects before her. She is positive, collaborative and truly believes that everyone on the team has strengths to offer and that more can be accomplished by a team than individually.

I highly recommend Rendee Bullard for any service that you or your company may need to accomplish your goals. She is truly a pleasure to work with and is highly professional.

Clarice Amato – Executive Asst / ACPA Member
I have known Rendee for over a decade and I have worked with her professionally for over three years. She is meticulous, conscientious, honest and brings to her work decades’ worth of personal/executive assistant experience and diplomatic skills. She deals with any task quickly, efficiently and cheerfully! She has a huge network of vendors that are at her disposal at a moment’s notice so Go Go Me will continue to grow and provide clients with quality service. Rendee is incredibly good at what she does and never misses a beat!

Brandi Anderson – Account Manager, Farstar
I have watched Rendee and Go Go Me save my boss’ bacon many times over. 🙂 And since part of my job is to make sure our clients have his full attention, having Rendee and Go Go Me’s help has been invaluable to both me and our clients. Whether it’s clearing his calendar by taking things off of his plate or bringing in chinese take-out on command, they have proven their skills know no bounds. If one of them doesn’t know how to do something, they’ll know someone who does. I recommend Go Go Me for anything they tell you they can do. They have never let us down.

Kristy Reeves – Brad Paisley Management Team
I worked with Rendee at the William Morris Agency and can attest that she is both an organizational dynamo and a pleasure to deal with on any project. She knows firsthand the challenges involved in the entertainment business and the creative problem solving and quick turnaround necessary to keep up with the pace. Whatever you need, she can get it for you or knows someone who can. (This skill is the cornerstone of success in the personal services and concierge business.) This service is also perfect for professionals who are too busy to take care of personal errands but don’t quite need a full-time personal assistant. Having a go-to girl for any task, but without the commitment of a full-time employee, is a genius idea.

Robby Wilson – Bass Player, Producer, Lonestar Bandmate
Rendee is the go-to player on the court when you need a 3-point shot to win the game! She always wants the ball and will commit mind, body and soul to making it happen. And it will happen! My favorite thing about her is that during the post-game interview, she will refuse to take credit, but insist it was the team that did it all. Rendee’s drive and dedication is never-ending and her attitude is inspirational.

All true by the way!

Jennifer Lawson Molinets – CNT2, Monkeybar Gym
I have known Rendee in a variety of capacities for many years. Rendee is organized, efficient, extremely competent, and has an excellent rapport with people of all ages. Her communication skills, and ability to manage everything from travel arrangements to daily life activities are outstanding.

Rendee is an amazing friend and business woman, and she will be a great asset to anyone she works with.

Richard Iggo – Senior Director of Marketing, Telltale Games
Rendee impresses everyone she meets with a combination of amazing business acumen and style and an unbeatable personality. Her organizational skills and dedication to her role and goals are unparalleled.

She is one of those people who “makes things happen.” I have no hesitation in recommending her talents to anyone.

Pat Bigley – President, Prime Candidate, Inc.
As President of Prime Candidate, Inc., It’s a pleasure to offer a recommendation for Rendee. We have worked together for several years and she is one of the most organized, communicative, and professional people I have worked with. She was always extremely helpful and maintained a positive and delightful attitude.

Ray Starck – Head of Mobile & New Devices, MyLife, Inc. / Fox Digital Media
Rendee has been an incredible personal resource for connecting me for new hires in the media & entertainment business. As a Digital Media Executive I have found her to be highly dependable, honest and very capable in completing any request in a professional and timely manner. She is an all-around pleasurable person to work with.

Valerie Bodrey – PA, Blossom Films
I have known Rendee for over 10 years now. She gave me my first opportunity in the industry with an internship in 2003. That experience sparked my interest in the fast-paced, ever-changing personal assistant world. I am now overjoyed & on my 3rd year with a dream career. Rendee has the perfect balance of professionalism & determination mixed with her humor & bright personality. By working with her, you will not only love the services provided, but also feel great about supporting such a talented entrepreneur.

Jim Molinets – SVP Production, Games and Digital Platforms, NBCUniversal Media, LLC
As a busy professional, I appreciate Go Go Me’s suite of services and the personal touch. Every minute counts and knowing that I have access to the Go Go Me team provides me with invaluable peice of mind while I travel.

Brad Harlan – Celebrity Personal Assistant
Working for Rendee Bullard during the early years of my professional life was rewarding in so many ways. She introduced me to the world of personal management and all the subtleties involved in such a demanding career. Each time I take on a task for one of my clients, I rely on something she taught me as my mentor. My professional life as well as my personal life are far better because of the lessons presented by Rendee Bullard.

Sarah Brockhurst – Director, No. 8 Marketing
I have known Rendee for years, and from when she first arrived in my work world, it was clear from the start that she was someone special. She had a natural ability to take control, get things done and make a positive contribution to any situation she was faced with! She’s always been a “can do” kind of girl and combined with her positive energy and outlook on life, she can light up a room. Ren went from being my colleague to my friend very easily, and not only that, she’s someone that I respect greatly. I have no hesitation in recommending her.

Lindsay Silver – Go Go Me Manager
As individuals, no matter what our careers may be we seek to be surrounded and/or inspired by someone who drives us to be greater individuals, right? We want to trust someone who understands us and gives meaningful advice when our lives seem overwhelming. Rendee Bullard is one of those rare, compassionate, and vibrant individuals who has blessed my own life in addition to countless others. To call her my friend is an honor.

Rendee fosters those around her to become the best version of themselves they can possibly achieve. To be inspired by an individual so much that you find yourself wanting to affect another life in such a positive way, is wondrous. She makes me want to be better with her encouragement and support.

She leads by impeccable example, graciously challenging those she works with to perform their job in the best possible way, striving always for personal and professional growth. She’s attentive, dedicated, and confident and leaves a lasting impression on anyone she meets.

It is my hope that has revealed some of Rendee’s unique contributions to my life. Whatever your needs may be, you cannot afford to miss out on her contribution in your life. I could not be more proud of her accomplishments. Rendee is an asset; one that I guarantee will haveyou singing her praises for years to come.

Emily Bryce-Williams – International PR & Marketing Manager – Majesco Entertainment
I had the immense pleasure of working with Ren for a number of years whilst I was in the games industry. I can’t say enough good things about her! There was nothing Ren couldn’t do, she was on top of everything at all times and was the glue that held the entire company together and kept us all ticking and running on time. She is always in control, she’s discreet, she’s professional and on the ball – and she does it all whilst smiling and having fun! I hope my career allows me to work with her again.

Irene Jeanotte – Graphic Designer/Artist
I grew leaps and bounds professionally working under Rendee. She is kind, understanding, timely and precise in her work. She handles anything that comes her way with easy and charisma; she is truly a mentor to me.

Christine Perrenot – Children’s Book Author, TwelveMonthChefs.com
Rendee has always been incredibly organized and trustworthy. She goes above and beyond to ensure her contributions are helpful and will make any situation easier for you!

Rendee always knows how to get in touch with all the right people!

Matt Tomasino – Hatch Solutions
Rendee is a phenomenal communicator. Not only does she know someone in every field imaginable, but she knows the best person for each job. She is beyond helpful and has done an incredible job as a problem solver. Rendee does not see brick walls and does not take no for an answer. She is a very hard worker.

Ryan Romero – Manager, Corporate Traveler Dallas
Working with Rendee was always easy and fun. She always communicated her needs to us efficiently and effortless. Daily business matters didn’t feel like business with Rendee. She was always organized and always prepared to make the right decision for the unexpected.

We can always see her smiling through emails and by the phone!

We look forward to working with Rendee very soon!

Felix Bradshaw – General Manager EMAA & WW Digital, SouthPeak Ltd & 7sixty
Rendee is what we would call in England a “top lass.” First thing that strikes you about her is she is so personable and puts anyone and everyone at ease. Her interpersonal skills and passion for life make her somebody I will always remember working with, and someone I would always want to work with again. The Rendee experience is something you will always cherish and never forget.